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This is a complete list of all titles announced by MCA DiscoVision for release on the DiscoVision label. Some of these titles were never released. Some were never even mastered. Still others were available by the truckload. Titles in italics were never available on DiscoVision, but some sides may have been located as Dead Sides.

The Silver Catalog was divided into several categories. They are duplicated here on the right. Clicking on category will display the list of titles released by DiscoVision in the window on the left.

A Note about Dead Sides

If you have any dead side information of any kind, please submit that information via this form.

And now...A word about Ratings

Each entry in the DiscoVision library contains a rating chart. Trying to compare any part of DiscoVision with the LaserDisc products produced through the end of 1999 is foolish. There is no direct comparison possible as LaserDiscs from the 1990s are a result of nearly 20 years of tweaking and improvements in transfers, masters and replication innovation. The chart is divided into 3 categories: Video, Audio and Replication.
For Audio, Video and Replication the stars are defined as:

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